Simple Changes ™

Simple Changes Will Make A Difference.

Over 70% of those who start a health or exercise program stop within six months.

The landscape of personal failure is littered with medicine cabinets full of unused supplements and closets full of “get fit quick” equipment. Less than 50% of health club members use their facilities at least once per week. The single biggest reason that people say they don’t stick with a program is a “perceived lack of time.” We will concentrate on simple changes that require little or no additional time and can have incredible impact.

In coaching over 30,000 individuals, we’ve found that most of us have reached a kind of “critical mass” in our lives. Jobs, children, family responsibilities, electronic information, community, etc. make adding one more component, even if it is in the spirit of “balance”, arduous. Don’t think “life balance”, think integration. Sure, it would be great to find 3-4 more hours a week to exercise, but how many times have you started and stopped a program because time and day to day circumstances prevented this?

Successful weight loss, strength, and overall health start with simple changes you can integrate into your current routine without major time or lifestyle commitments. These simple habit changes can have significant implications and also help to build upon themselves. More importantly, anyone in any circumstances can start them right now!

Increased vitality does not happen with huge lifestyle changes but rather Simple Changes™ that can be incorporated into your life now without disrupting your schedule. These changes revolve around the four pillars of vitality:

Complete the vitality audit and find out your overall vitality score. Discover your strengths and opportunities for improvement around the four pillars of vitality.