“Vitality has done nothing less than increased my work performance, while enhancing leadership skills and even impacted my relationships at home.”

– Jeff Edwards, CEO, EDCU

How do you maintain high performance at today’s breakneck speeds? Explore strategies and techniques for improving health, creating vitality, and sustaining high performance and energy.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to integrate actionable rituals into the workplace, air travel, and home to mitigate and reduce stress.
  • How to determine your individual and optimal performance statesand learn how to access them on demand at work and during other important activities.
  • The critical and simple truths about eating and exercising in the workplace, on the road, and at home for optimal energy and weight management.
  • Useful tips and techniques for staying fit and healthy while on the road where normal fitness routines often breakdown.
  • A simple, “paint-by-numbers” approach that uses simple individual and group exercise and does not require capital expenditures.
  • How to schedule for peak performance and recovery based on your personal psychology and physiology.
  • How to build vitality habits into your teams and organization.

Gregory Florez in action…click above for highlights of Gregory’s presentation style and how his speaking engagements result in others finding their path to a life of sustained vitality and optimal performance.

What Others Have Already Learned:

“Thank you for all your good advice. I’ve incorporated bits and pieces into my program over the past year and I think I’ve finally found something that works for me that does not put one more thing on my schedule. Oddly enough, I have more time and energy to meet the demands of my schedule.

– Kerrie

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