“The velocity and vitality intervention has transformed the capacity and health of my team and myself.”

– Tom Lesica, SVP, Avaya

In the process of becoming more vital we must gain new insight, consider alternative perspectives, gather new information and learn new skills. Velocity & Vitality Education programs for executives and senior managers target developing the knowledge, perspective and skills to generate and sustain breakthrough performance. V2 works with your organization to understand your needs and design a program that gets measurable individual and organizational results. Our best-in-class education offers strategies, actionable tips and tools, and pre/post-learning to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Our expert facilitators use sound instructional design principles and incorporate cutting-edge research, self-assessments, small and large group discussions, physical exercise (in a safe and appropriate manner), interactive activities, and action planning.

In all of our education programs, participants discover how vitality affects their personal satisfaction, leadership abilities, and business performance. If desired, participants can have the opportunity to engage in a post-session 1:1 personal phone consultation with aV2 certified Vitality Coach to assist in long-term changes.

Velocity & Vitality Education Components

Our powerful, entertaining, and relevant workshops, seminars, and educational programs are tailored to your unique needs. Some of our most popular topics include:

  • Vitality in a High Velocity Environment: How do you maintain high performance at today’s breakneck speeds?  Explore strategies and techniques for improving health, creating vitality, and sustaining high performance.
  • High-Octane Leadership: Deepen your understanding of mental and physical performance, discover how to create a powerful synergy to sustain team performance, and learn how to build vitality habits into your organization.
  • Transforming Personal & Work Stress: Learn how to integrate actionable rituals into the workplace, air travel, and home to mitigate and reduce stress.
  • Working Without A Net: Determine your individual and optimal performance states and learn how to access them on demand at work and during other important activities.
  • Eating & Exercise for High-Energy Living: Explore the critical and simple truths about eating and exercising in the workplace, on the road, and at home for optimal energy and weight management.
  • Road Warrior Vitality for Traveling Professionals: Fitness routines often break down away from your regular schedule.  Discover tips and techniques for staying fit and healthy while on the road.
  • Fitting Fitness Into Your Office Routine: Learn a simple, “paint by numbers” approach that uses simple individual and group exercise and does not require capital expenditures.
  • Executive Recovery: You know how to perform; learn how to recover.  Prolonged stress without recovery creates mental and physical breakdown.  Find out how to schedule for peak performance and recovery based on your personal psychology and physiology.
Simple Changes. Sustainable Performance. Real Results℠