“Healthy Executives are 23% more productive than their sedentary counterparts and 53% of executives who participated in an executive coaching program reported an increase in productivity.”

Velocity & Vitality Coaching generates breakthrough business performance by changing employees’ relationship to exercise, sleep, stress and nutrition. V2’s certified coaches leverage our proven Simple ChangesTM methodology to work with our clients—high-performers, top managers, and C-Suite executives—to design a life that supports and sustains the significant commitment they have made to their work.

Velocity & Vitality Coaching Components

A typical coaching engagement is 12 months and includes the following components:

  • Vitality Assessment and Action Plan
    Participants take an on-line assessment that identifies and benchmarks their overall vitality. After completing the assessment, participants review the results with their coach, identify opportunities for development, and prepare a personalized action plan.
  • Work/Stress Assessment
    Clients engage in a “whole life” review of the origins of their internal life/stress triggers in an effort to identify issues, barriers and solutions.
  • Nutrition Consultation and Plan
    Participants meet with a certified nutritionist to review eating habits and uncover how simple diet changes can make significant changes to stamina, concentration, resilience, and resistance to stress or illness.
  • Personalized 1:1 Coaching Sessions
    Participants experience confidential, personalized, and applicable coaching across a range of topics – for example health, stress management, nutrition, and staying fit and healthy on the road. Our coaches have a broad range of experience so they understand and support participants as they grow and develop.
  • Velocity & Vitality Connection
    Between coaching sessions, coaches consistently check-in with participants (using email, voicemail, text message, etc.) about challenges, progress and strategies to reinforce their Simple Changes™. Participants are also provided with a 1-year membership to, an online health and fitness portal.
  • Vitality FitKit™
    Participants receive a portable strength and flexibility kit with specific instructions that they can use every day to stay fit at home, in the office, and on the road.
The Coaching Process
  • Coaching Kick-Off
    Coaching begins with rapport-building to establish expectations and outcomes and completion of developmental assessments and confidential interviews. Next, a Personal Development Plan with specific objectives, results, and links to business outcomes is designed.
  • Coaching Sessions
    Throughout the year, confidential individual coaching sessions are held based on individual need and progress towards goals.  Coaches consistently focus on the personalized development plan, desired outcomes, and barriers that hinder progress.
  • Mid-Year and Annual Review
    Mid-year and annual reviews of progress and outcomes are used to define and evaluate progress and ongoing areas for development. The outcome of a review is a revised action plan and newly formed Simple Changes™ for continuing progress toward objectives. Included in the final, annual review is a statement of progress and recommendations for continued development.
Simple Changes. Sustainable Performance. Real Results℠