“The Simple Changes have made a huge impact on my work performance across the board.”

– Canon Executive

“The Vitality portion of our CLI program was the most practical of the entire three days.”

– Canon Executive

“The Vitality session was extremely easy to execute and is making a difference both professionally and personally.”

– AMEX Executive

“Stepping back and using Vitality techniques has sharpened my focus immensely.”

– Arrow Executive

“I lost 25 pounds in 3 months by simply applying simple changes to my routine.”

– Bekaert Executive

“Knowing the difference between “good stress” and “dis-stress” has made all of the difference in my life.”

– Canon Executive

“I am happy to respond because the Fit Advisor program was just one more step that helped me toward my goals of becoming stronger, thinner and healthier. The exercise bands helped build strength and the stretching helped me gain more flexibility. This made moving so much easier.

However, the part of the program that I used the most faithfully was logging in the exercise time and watching the weight go down and the calories expended go up. Because I had to log in each day, there were very few days that went by that I didn’t do something. Some days, it was only for 10 minutes.
After a year of the fitness program, my health is so much better and my clothes are a smaller size. I no longer have heartburn everyday, I can move, I can stretch, I eat better and I lost 65 pounds! Thank you for your program and your support.”

– Vicki M.

“Gregory’s Vitality section was by far the most popular part of our leadership program and we are already seeing an impact.”

– ConAgra Sponsoring executive

“The techniques given to me by Gregory were extremely simple and have already begun to make a difference both mentally and physically.”

– Canon Executive

“Having worked on only 3 simple changes has changed my life. I am a more complete and certainly more vital leader.”

– ConAgra Executive

“Running a 500 person sales force is highly stressful. The stress techniques we were given were simply and extremely helpful.”

– ConAgra Executive

“The Vitality program has taught me how to sleep much more soundly-a precious commodity!”

– Bekaert Executive

“I have found that my concentration is better and I can focus for longer periods of time as a result of the Vitality program.”

– Arrow Executive

“I took your suggestions and started that same weekend. For two weeks now, I have used the jogging and strengthening plan that you proposed. I even have my wife doing her own strengthening program. I have also increased my water intake and am watching how many snacks I eat. I am slowing eating more fruit, but to be honest, I’m not trying very hard. I already feel better and soon I expect to start riding my bike to work for at least twice a week.

Thanks for your support. “

– Gerald M.

“I’ve observed numerous desirable behavioral changes with my staff as a result of the V & V program. Personally, the coaching has helped create equal consideration between my health and the many responsibilities of a corporate executive. I’m reaching my goals on both fronts.”

– Michael Feldman, CEO, BioMicro Systems

“Healthy executives are 23% more productive than their sedentary counterparts and 53% of executives who participated in an executive coaching program reported an increase in productivity.”

– National Business Group on Health

“Vitality Coaching has done nothing less than increased my work performance, while enhancing leadership skills and even impacted my relationships at home.”

– Jeff Edwards, CEO, EDCU

“I make an average of 30% of more sales calls on a road trip thanks to the principles you taught our team.”

– Jeff Edwards, EDCU

“In October of 2002 my mom was diagnosed with cancer, lymphoma. I was living in Northern Cal. She lived in Southern Cal. I took a couple months off work to take care of her, get her rolling with chemotherapy and all. My mom was 57 and had never lead a very healthy lifestyle, smoker. My mom had already quit smoking for many years after being diagnosed with emphysema. Whenever I would visit, me and my dog would go running or biking in the desert. When I came home she would be envious and proud of me at the same time… she was very sorry she had ever smoked (she was very happy that I didn’t ever smoke). During my moms illness I put on about 30 pounds (I was still active but not enough).

My mom started having dreams about running, she would be running through the desert, on the beach. She said it felt so good and she wished she knew what that felt like (sounds so movie of the week). She told me about these dreams many times and one day it finally hit me how lucky I was to have my health. It really stuck with me. My mom made it through the chemo with flying colors, but the radiation kicked her ass pretty good and she died suddenly a year ago last May 10th at home.

So, I moved to Colorado with girlfriend and dog and started a new life again in Durango, 45-50 pounds overweight and not feeling well at all. I was sick for January and most of February of 2004. I turned 40 in February and took myself snowboarding (alone) for the first time. I felt myself wanting to move again, wanting to be in my body, on my bike, hiking, playing soccer. I lost about 20 pounds quite easily but I needed more help. Then I got the job here at Lore, again, I worked here in 1998-99 also. Then FitAdvisor came along and it gave me the push I needed. I really loved the idea of how accessible it was at work (thank you Terry!) and how integrated it was to the work life. I have spent fifteen years in corporate America and FitAdvisor was the program to finally bleed through and motivate me. I think part of the reason FitAdvisor worked for me is because you guys are so interactive and tenacious without being obnoxious. I like that you are all very real people and I never felt that you guys feel you are “elite” and “know it all” as I have from other programs (corporate yoga instructors – yikes).

Also, my recreation soccer team won our championship this year and I was a huge part of that. I played goalie and I had so much confidence, nothing phased me, it was all good – good fun – good, hard work.
My next step with FitAdvisor is to be more interactive with you guys. Keep in touch more. Play fall soccer, train for the 24 hours of Moab Mountain Bike race and lose 35 pounds. My hours at Lore just got longer and a little more stressful (Nike), so it will be a challenge to achieve the weight issue. But I am up for it. Help!

Thanks Gregory and team… it means everything to me to have a group of people like you out there. I know how lucky we are.”

– Heather L.

“The benefits to me both personally and professionally with this work have been incalculable.”

– Pete Perez, EVP, ConAgra Foods

“Just wanted to let you guys know that you have a great program. It’s different than others that tell you this is what you need to do and that is the last you hear from them. You guys send the e-mails so there is a constant reminder of what you should be doing. Everyone on the team seemed very friendly and willing to help. Sabrena was my consultant and she did a excellent job of talking and understanding. She asked questions about me and acted more like someone’s friend than someone just trying to get you out of the way. The bands are a very great idea with their mobility a person should have no excuse for not getting some kind of workout in. So thanks for your help and keep sending those e-mails cause if you don’t remember I like those Dr. Pepper’s and each message is a reminder to stop. By the way I am down from 3 to 1 a day. Again thanks for the support and help.”

– Kelly B.

“The Velocity and Vitality intervention has transformed the capacity and health of my team and myself.”

– Tom Lesica, SVP, Avaya

“Gregory, I am getting very good feedback from our production employees. I also took some time and looked at the information in the forum. I was more than impressed with the depth in the responses. You have assembled a great team. I can see a lot of opportunities for your business. Unfortunately it will be hard to maintain what you have now if you significantly increase your scale. You truly have a business that you could grow and sell which would be financially rewarding and reach and help more people. You could also keep it smaller maintaining the high intrinsic reward. That is a hard call when you personally love what you do.”

– Scott B.

“I seriously want to let you know how valuable you have been not only to Precor, but very importantly to me. You have really helped guide me through many things and especially recently. Thank you for your amazing support! Also, you were extremely effective and well respected with the DAB this week. YOU! Were exactly what the DAB needed. Great job!”

– Dan Toigo, Sr. Director – Commercial Sales Division, Precor

“Since I have begun my exercise and watching my eating habits, I have lost 17 lbs. and gone from a size 10 to a size 7. I am feeling good and have more energy than I’ve had in years. I’m trying to incorporate more changes into my life as I feel the ones I started at the beginning are now becoming habit. I haven’t started using my bands yet. Now in addition to my walking and doing some gardening every day. A lot of things are with a shovel or a hoe and I feel that I’m getting plenty of exercise. I will try to start using by bands, but right now I feel the yard work is taking care of that portion of my exercise.”

– Paulene J.

““At this time I am closing in on 40 lbs of lost flab since meeting you the first time in Vegas. What began as “work” has now become habit, and I feel the difference if a miss more than a day or two without exercise. More importantly I no longer crave soft drinks and my water consumption has become part of every day life. I feel like I have made changes that I can live with which feels so much better than trying to “diet”. I have a varied workout regimen that remains fun. I have done some running, weight lifting, bands, and most recently swimming and Pilates. It works for me to simply feel active and make it fun. Thank you and your team for getting me started.”

– Phil B.

“I live the message in my head; I have learned many new changes that in the long term will change my fitness program. I have built a new home this year and have been doing so much of the physical work that healing my shoulder has been impossible. I am using the FitKit, but not as much as I should. However, I am making simple changes, walking, drinking water, making healthier food choices.”

– Virgina H.

“Since I started the coaching with Kevin at First Fitness, I have really increased my stamina and energy. From a physical standpoint, I went from whining in granny gear to a great big smile after easily mountain biking an epic 28-mile trail. But that’s not all…from an attitude standpoint, I’ve found that I have the capacity to handle more with less stress. I’ve increased my performance at work, at home, and at play. Thanks!”

– Lisa T.

“I want to thank you for the time you spent with me these last couple of days and I can’t wait ’til we can spend more time one on one. Your passion for what you do and your compassion for others is a gift”

– Tony Cameron, National Director of Sales, FITCO

“During our annual kick off meeting in January, our CEO took the sales team to his fitness center. The fitness instructor put us through a one hour routine that, although on his terms was below basic, almost killed me. Since that day, I’ve set the alarm to wake me up one hour earlier and I go through an exercise routine of my own design. It’s now August and the routine has become a standard part of my daily schedule.”

– John C.

“I saw my cardiologist in October and told him about my exercise routine. He was thrilled!!! For my type of heart condition, the best thing I can do for it is exercise and stress management. He said only a Tibetan monk would know I have a heart condition. We also had a really good discussion on the “extreme exercise people” and how it damages the heart. I told him not to worry since I will not be coming an extremist marathoner! The treadmill at home is so convenient, and has made me the most consistent with exercise that I’ve ever been. I probably add on at least another half a mile walking the dog, and walking at work! The exercise bands are another story. I don’t know why I can’t get going with them maybe a New Years resolution. I know it only has to be 10 minutes, and 3 – 4 times/week, but I think it has to do with time of day and putting it off until evening.”

– Joni L.

“Thank you for your encouraging words in the past. I am still walking, and have boosted this up to doing it every day. It’s worth it. I no longer want to be part of that group considered “overweight”, “obese” or with “metabolic syndrome”. Thanks for your help!”

– Cheryl S.

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