About Us

“I make an average of 30% more sales call on road trip thanks to the principles you taught our team”
William Hebb, CEO Hebb Industries

With over 23 years of experience, V2 is the country’s premier consulting firm specializing in vitality education and coaching programs for breakthrough performance. Our human performance coaches and consultants leverage our proven Simple Changes™ methodology to improve individual and team velocity and vitality by creating sustainable performance and real results. We have helped more than 45,000 individuals lead healthier lives and have worked with clients in a variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, consumer goods, executive staffing, and technology. V2 is rated as the number #1 health coaching service by The Wall Street Journal and is a recognized expert for publications and media sources including Business Week, the New York Times, Smart Money, and msnbc.com.

Velocity & Vitality Coaching

Velocity & Vitality Coaching generates breakthrough business performance by changing employees’ relationship to exercise, sleep, stress and nutrition. Our clients—high-performers, top managers, and C-Suite executives—work with certified Vitality coaches to design a life that supports and sustains the significant commitment they have made to their work. Our Velocity & Vitality Coaching includes:

  • Vitality Assessment and Action Plan
  • Work/Stress Assessment
  • Nutrition Consultation and Plan
  • Productivity Tools and Solutions
  • Personalized 1:1 Coaching
  • Velocity & Vitality Connection
  • Vitality FitKit™
Velocity & Vitality Education

Velocity & Vitality Education programs for executives and senior managers target skill development and knowledge creation toward generating and sustaining breakthrough performance. Our best-in-class education offers strategies, actionable tips, and resources to promote healthy, productive and sustainable lifestyles. Our powerful, entertaining, and interactive programs are tailored to your unique needs, with relevant topics such as:

  • Vitality in a High-Velocity Environment
  • High-Octane Leadership
  • Transforming Personal & Work Stress
  • Road Warrior Vitality for Traveling Professionals
  • Eating & Exercise for High-Energy Living


Velocity & Vitality Consulting

Velocity & Vitality Consulting can provide your organization with expert direction and cutting-edge content, tools, and programs. These services address the unique culture and workflow of your organization. Depending on your particular needs, Velocity & Vitality Consulting may include:

  • Velocity & Vitality Audit
  • Velocity & Vitality Program Design & Implementation
  • Health & Fitness Partner Discount Programs