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Sabrena Merill

Sabrena Merrill has been actively involved in the vitality, health, and fitness industry since 1987 focusing on teaching group exercise, owning and operating her own personal training business, and managing fitness departments in commercial fitness facilities.  She also coaches executives on their health and vitality.  Sabrena is a former full-time faculty member in the Kinesiology and Physical Education Department at California State University, Long Beach. She has a bachelor of science (BS) degree in exercise science as well as a master of science (MS) degree in physical education/biomechanics from the University of Kansas, and has numerous certifications in exercise instruction.  She is a spokesperson, and Master Faculty member for the American Council on Exercise and has appeared in media articles and programs for major publications and television networks.

Sabrena has a passion for educating others about current industry topics through speaking engagements at national and international conferences, as well as through educational videos. Additionally, she enjoys writing for fitness-related publications and has authored several textbook chapters on topics such as the physiology of training, anatomy, exercise and the older adult, and exercise and pregnancy.

Sabrena also relishes the time she spends with her husband, two step-daughters, and two dogs. Finding the time to be physically active while still engaging in the rest of life’s everyday challenges is a concept that Sabrena tries to impart daily to her personal training clients.

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