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Boosting Happiness
I know this is not a new theme but I recently read some research from an organization called that really helped remind me of the tools we all have at our disposal. A few of them stood out.

These included: Activity to boost hope, Activity to boost zest, and Activity to boost gratitude.
One of the tools to boost hope was to sit somewhere quietly and imagine your best self. This means working towards goals that are important but also personally satisfying. When you have a clear idea write them out. Putting them in writing has power and I’ve done this before with very good results.

Boosting your zest for life is about getting at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, for as many days a week as you can. This can include anything from brisk walking to stretching or yoga. You will almost immediately feel stronger in both spirit and your personal vitality. The key is in scheduling this time and sticking to it as often as possible.

I love the activity to boost gratitude and use it very frequently. It can also be so very simple. Think of a person that you have yet to properly thank and simply write them (handwritten) a note that expresses your feelings. You can also call this person and take them to lunch or for a cup of coffee.

Keep some of these tools in mind as your focus begins to turn to the new year. They work.
Be well,
Gregory Florez

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