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About Us

With over 23 years of experience, V² is the country’s premier consulting firm specializing in vitality education and coaching programs for breakthrough performance. We leverage our proven Simple Changes℠ methodology to improve individual and team velocity and vitality.

We have helped more than 45,000 individuals lead healthier lives, working with clients in a variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, consumer goods, executive staffing/search, and technology. V² is rated as the number #1 health coaching service by The Wall Street Journal and is a recognized expert for publications and media sources including Business Week, the New York Times, Smart Money, and nbcnews.com.


Velocity & Vitality Coaching generates breakthrough business performance by changing employees’ relationship to exercise, sleep, stress and nutrition.


Velocity & Vitality Education programs for executives and senior managers target skill development and knowledge creation toward generating and sustaining breakthrough performance.


Velocity & Vitality Consulting can provide your organization with expert direction and cutting-edge content, tools, and programs.


Meet Gregory

Gregory Florez is the founder and CEO of V² Performance, a premier vitality education and performance coaching firm for leaders. As a published author and through keynote speaking engagements, customized workshops/ seminars, and one-on-one vitality coaching, Florez has improved the health and wellbeing, work capacity and breakthrough performance of thousands of leaders around the world.

Florez has 28 years of experience in business management, fitness, training, professional speaking and intersecting business with health and vitality for breakthrough performance and results. Before creating V² Performance, Florez worked in management for United Airlines and was a former Nike and college athlete.

” I’ve observed numerous desirable behavioral changes with my staff as a result of the V & V program. Personally, the coaching has helped create equal consideration between my health and the many responsibilities of a corporate executive. I’m reaching my goals on both fronts.”

– Michael Feldman, CEO, BioMicro Systems

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